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Post of Journals Editor

Job Description and Person Specification

Applications are invited for the post of editor for the two electronic journals of the British Education Studies Association: Educationalfutures and Transformations.

Salary £2,000 per annum plus expenses incurred (stationery, travel) to be paid in two equal six-monthly amounts.

Applications in the form of a letter (maximum 500 words) and CV to the Vice Chair of the Association, Alan Howe ( by 12.00 on 27 June 2016.  The decision on the appointment will be made by the Executive Committee.

Background to the Association

The British Education Studies Association (BESA) was established in 2005 to provide a network for teaching and research in the field of Education Studies. It is a subject association for all students, teachers and researchers in Education Studies within the UK. Most universities have engaged in initial and in-service teacher-training for many years and many have now developed Education Studies as a degree subject in its own right. The association works to promote an understanding in the wider community of what Education Studies is and what it can offer to students in universities and other tertiary institutions.

BESA seeks to assist teachers and researchers in carrying out their teaching and research in Education Studies. It also seeks to assist departments (or their equivalents) in attracting students, providing teaching or pursuing research in Education Studies and raising the profile of the subject within institutions.  The Association informs the academic and professional worlds about matters affecting the development of the subject, expressing views or making representations to appropriate bodies (e.g. funding councils and the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education) and is consulted as an association for Education Studies about matters affecting the subject.

An annual two-day conference is held each June, usually attracting about 100 delegates, with keynote speakers and papers delivered by individuals and groups. Over the years delegates from some 50 universities in the UK and overseas have attended.  A number of bursaries are offered to students each year and the main conference is preceded by a one-day conference for new researchers.

The association is supported by a website:  It includes access to the two journals, information about the conferences, the constitution, minutes of meetings and news from individual members and institutions.

The Chair and an Executive Committee are elected at the Annual General meeting each June. The Executive meets four times a year with agenda including: conference organisation, finance, website management and the journals.

Description of the Journals

The two peer-reviewed journals are located on the association website:

The main journal, Educationalfutures was launched in 2008 with two editions per year, each containing an editorial, six or eight articles and book reviews. There is a separate editor for book reviews. Articles can be submitted by any academic, although it is anticipated that papers from the conferences will be written up for the journal.

Transformations is a journal for undergraduate Education Studies students with one edition per year. It is a part of the Association’s commitment to encouraging students and early researchers. It is expected that students who are offered bursaries at the annual conference will submit papers for the journal.

Submissions are each peer reviewed by two members of the Executive Committee or other members of the Association.  Submissions are made electronically to the Journal Editor who is responsible for sending out to reviewers with a pro-forma for and collating the responses.

Job Description

The Journal Editor is responsible for the annual production of the two journals and is accountable to the Journals Sub-committee of the Executive Committee of the Association.  The post includes the following requirements:

  • to be an ex-officio membership of the Executive Committee
  • seeking submissions for publication and making every effort to ensure that there are sufficient articles for the annual editions of each journal
  • acknowledgement of receipt of submissions
  • dispatch of articles to peer reviewers
  • receipt and collation of reviews for each article
  • making a final decision on whether to publish
  • informing authors of the decision whether to publish and to give advice as required
  • final copy-editing of articles to be published
  • liaison with the website administrator
  • liaison with the book review editor
  • any other reasonable activities related to the publication of the journals


  • The appointment is to be made as a fixed term contract of two years.
  • The contract will be in the form of a letter from the Chair of the Association.
  • It is requested that the post-holder gives a three-month notice of ending the contract.
  • On occasions a journal edition may be on a single them and edited by a guest editor. In these cases the Journal Editor will liaise with the guest editor.

Person specification

Essential Desirable
A Higher Degree *
A Doctoral Qualification *
Knowledge of education and education Studies *
Teaching experience in higher education *
A record of publication in Education *
Experience of journal editing *
Ability to work to deadlines *
Ability to communicate sensitively in person and in writing *
Access to a computer and with skills sufficient to handle the editing and communication required *
A commitment to the ethos and work of the Association *