NEW BOOK! Picturebooks, Pedagogy and Philosophy

Picturebooks, Pedagogy and Philosophy by Joanna Haynes and Karin Murris

Contemporary picturebooks open up spaces for philosophical dialogues between people of all ages. As works of art, picturebooks offer unique opportunities to explore ideas and to create meaning collaboratively. This book considers censorship of certain well-known picturebooks, challenging the assumptions on which this censorship is based.

Through a lively exploration of childrens responses to these same picturebooks the authors paint a way of working philosophically based on respectful listening and creative and authentic interactions, rather than scripted lessons. This dialogical process challenges much current practice in education.

The authors propose that a courageous and critical practice of listening is central to the facilitation of mutually educative dialogue. This book will be of interest to scholars and students of education studies, philosophy of education, literacy teaching and learning, childrens literature, childhood and pedagogy.

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