Student Bursaries

The are two sets of student bursaries available to students who wish to receive funding to attend the BESA 2017 annual conference this year.

One set of bursaries comes from BESA itself (BESA Bursaries) and the other comes from the Center of Education and Policy Analysis (CEPA Bursaries), a research center based in Liverpool Hope University, the host institution for this year’s conference.

For more information about these bursaries please click on the two tabs below.

BESA bursariesCEPA bursaries
Students who do not have access to conference funding are eligible to apply for one of a limited number of BESA bursaries. The bursary will fund attendance at the BESA Early Career Researchers Pre-Conference, attendance at BESA Annual Conference (including the conference dinner) as well as BESA membership for the following year.

We are only able to offer a limited number of bursaries each year. The successful applicants are selected from among the strongest conference applications made by students to our main conference as judged by the Conference Review Panel. We hope that all those who are unsuccessful in their application for a bursary will be able to locate other funding so as to attend our conference none the less.

Students who wish to apply for the bursary need to meet the following conditions. They must…

  •  write and submit the abstract themselves.
  •  have chosen a presentation topic which is relevant to the theme/themes of the conference.
  •  submit an abstract in time for the submission deadline.
  •  be the primary presenter in their presentation.
  •  identify themselves as a student and indicate their desire to apply for a bursary during the abstract submission process.
  • be able to self-fund their travelling expenses and any additional nights of accommodation costs beyond the one night covered by the bursary.

Please read the full guidelines and bursary terms and conditions below before making an application.

Download the BESA bursary recommendations (PDF, 157KB)

CEPA, the Centre for Education and Policy Analysis at Liverpool Hope university, are delighted to offer up to two conference bursaries which are being made available to postgraduate students who wish to present at the BESA conference this year on the 29th / 30th June.

Applicants must:

  1. Be a current or recent Master’s or doctoral student – having graduated no later than May 2016);
  2. Attend the BESA ECR day on the 28th of June;
  3. Submit an abstract of their conference presentation topic in a poster format no later than the 21st of April 2017 (this is the same date as the BESA abstract submission);
  4. Attend and present at the main conference on the 29th and 30th June.

The bursary would cover conference registration and two night’s accommodation, as well attendance at the conference dinner on Thursday evening. All additional costs (e.g. transport) would need to be covered by the student themselves.

Those interested in applying for a CEPA bursary should first register for the Early Career Researcher (ECR) Day, a free event which takes place on the 28th of June, the day before the conference begins. As well as registering for the ECR day they must submit an abstract of their proposed conference presentation topic in poster format. This will serve as both an entry for the funding competition as well as an abstract for the main conference. Submissions can be made by emailing your poster to

BESA do NOT require that presentations to include research findings, although these are welcome. Therefore, if your research does not have findings to report at present you can instead focus on the literature behind your project, the project as a whole, the methodology, etc, but do bear the conference sub-themes in mind.

The final deadline for submission of a poster is the 21st of April. On this date the CEPA team will evaluate all submissions and then select the two strongest to be submitted to the conference pending final approval by the BESA committee.

All posters not selected for a bursary will be printed out free of charge and displayed at the main conference. For this reason we would ask you to give some consideration to the visual impact of your poster as well as its content. Also, you are encouraged to include contact details on your poster to allow anyone attending the conference who has an interest in your research to get in touch.

Download the BESA ECR Sponsorship Offer (PDF, 107KB)